North Lake Tahoe Resort Association

North Lake Tahoe Resort Association

C H A M B E R  O F  C O M M E R C E

The North Lake Tahoe Resort Association is a vital part of the North Lake Tahoe community. Serving both small businesses and major resorts, the organization enhances the region's vibrancy by advocating for a sustainable year-round economy, building midweek and shoulder season visitation, supporting transportation and workforce housing solutions, sponsoring business education, and providing visitor information services. The North Lake Tahoe destination is focused on safe, responsible travel practices.

North Lake Tahoe's TBID Secures Two Funding Sources

$4.1 Million
in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) will be redirected to the North Tahoe region for traffic management projects and workforce housing initiatives.

$6 Million
in TBID revenues will bolster a year-round economy, offset tourism impacts and support local businesses.

Our Mission

The North Lake Tahoe Resort Association (NLTRA) promotes and manages visitation and collaborates to achieve economic health, community vitality, and environmental sustainability to benefit our residents, businesses, and visitors.

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