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traveler responsibility pledge

Traveler Responsibility Pledge

To protect and preserve our beloved environment, the North Lake Tahoe Marketing Cooperative developed a Traveler Responsibility Pledge that is being adapted regionally by neighboring DMO’s (Visit Truckee-Tahoe & Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority). Together, we’re asking community members and travelers alike to follow six pledge commitments that amplify environmental stewardship efforts.

Rooted in preservation tactics, education and mindfulness, the pledge reminds us to travel with awareness and observe the impact of individual actions. Layered into each pledge are actionable steps to take, like participating in a beach clean-up with Tahoe Blue Crew’s, drinking Tahoe Tap from a reusable bottle, and reminding people to leave no trace no matter the adventure. The pledge encourages everyone to support small businesses and sign up for emergency alerts to stay connected with travel advisories and emergency updates.

We’re asking you to take the Traveler Responsibility Pledge and help us share this important message with visitors and guests. To do that, we have created a partner toolkit that makes activating the Traveler Responsibility Pledge very easy. From sample social posts to pledge profile frames; website content to cut/paste and a downloadable poster, everything is compiled in one place for implementation. We have also included downloadable photos, the Traveler Responsibility Pledge logo + icons, and video links. Please share across your channels and help remind both guests and residents that takes all of us working together to protect and preserve our beautiful home.