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Covid-19 Community Updates

The North Lake Tahoe destination is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak with guidance from public health and government officials, along with tourism-industry partners to ensure the most accurate and timely information is provided.

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Mask Up Tahoe

Advocacy Campaign Further Extends North Lake Tahoe’s Efforts to Encourage Safe, Responsible Travel

Local community leaders, small business owners and nationally recognized athletes share a unified message that’s rooted in adventure and responsible travel: Mask UP Tahoe.

“We wear a mask to keep our communities safe and our small businesses thriving. We wear them so you can enjoy North Lake Tahoe. We all need to do our part and show that we truly care. Wearing a mask is a simple act but a GRAND gesture. Mask up. Adventure out.”

Scroll below to hear their stories and why they each choose to wear a mask. Join the campaign and share your own #MaskUPTahoe message. Download the press release HERE.

Join others in your community and #MaskUpTahoe