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Work, Play, and Stay at a First-of-Its-Kind Business in North Lake Tahoe

Liz Bowling | 05.10.19

Guest Blog Post by Steve Pandola of WoFroTahoe

Having moved from San Francisco to Incline Village 8 years ago, I felt like I had stumbled upon the greatest possible work/life combination: doing the rewarding, “big city” work I loved, while living and playing in the mountains.

What exactly does that mean? It means going backcountry skiing in the early morning, when conditions are ideal, and still making my 9:00am conference call. It means going on a lunch break paddleboard session that resets my mind and renews my spirit prior to diving back into work in the afternoon. It means grabbing some T’s burritos with family and friends and hiking to our favorite viewpoint for a spectacular sunset dinner on any night of the week.

Many years ago, while attending North Tahoe High School and bussing tables at Sunnyside Restaurant on the West Shore, I wondered how I could combine being in Tahoe with professional success and fulfillment. The advent of the internet and ability to work remotely eventually opened up that possibility for me and my wife, allowing us to make the move to Incline Village after being away from Tahoe for far too long. We haven’t looked back.

But what about those who can’t just pick up and move? I felt there were too many people who could benefit from an offsite in Tahoe, who simply had no (good) way to do it. I was aware of friends and co-workers who would rent a house and attempt to have meetings or do work around the kitchen table, but I frequently heard the same issues. The internet wasn’t that great—especially when multiple people were working at the same time—and the kitchen table just wasn’t the most effective place to get any real work done. Often the homes they’d rented were in neighborhoods far from food, drinks, and the activities they came here to enjoy.

My wife and I saw an amazing opportunity to solve these problems at a mixed-use complex one block from the beach in Incline Village. There we were able to use the residential space to provide a beautiful and comfortable place to stay, while using the commercial space below to replace the slow wifi and kitchen table with dedicated fiber internet and a complete modern office with both collaborative and private workspaces. A prime location means food, drinks, and outdoor activities are literally steps away—no more driving and parking required!

Not everyone can move to North Lake Tahoe, but now they can enjoy the productive and creative benefits of mixing work with play while visiting the incredibly beautiful, inspiring, and fun place we call home.

WoFroTahoe is a comfortable, versatile, fiber internet equipped office with a mountain-modern loft condo upstairs, a block from the beach in Incline Village, available for rent by the day/night. As locals, we can help customize your stay with recommendations and reservations for food, drinks and activities. Let us help you have the most fun and productive week of your life.