2023 Special Event Sponsorship Grant Cycle

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2023 Special Event Sponsorship Grant Cycle

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Applications are open for Special Events Sponsorship Funding for 2023 specials events taking place in the North Lake Tahoe region. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis beginning October 25, 2022 for events that take place in the 2023 calendar year. The total amount of the funding, distributed to all recipients collectively, is $565,000.

Sponsorship Funding is awarded to large events that: attract 500+ participants and/or spectators, generate more than 100 room nights occupied for an average of at least 2.5 nights, generate a media/PR value of more than $25,000, target an audience and messaging that is in alignment with the North Lake Tahoe consumer brand pillars, and create a diversified portfolio of events that cover human powered sports, cultural, culinary, and health & wellness.

Historically these events have included large festivals such as Wanderlust and Winter Wondergrass, sporting events such as Broken Arrow Sky Race and Spartan, cultural events such as the Lake Tahoe Dance Festival and others. Each sponsorship is reviewed on an annual basis.

Deadline to apply is November 11, 2022.

2023 Special Event Sponsorship Funding – Application
Please complete, sign, and email the application back to kim@gotahoenorth.com

2023 Special Event Sponsorship Funding – Presentation Guidelines, Deadlines, and Explanations