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New Local Business Leaders Join the NLTRA Board of Directors

new nltra board of directors


Six North Lake Tahoe area business leaders were recently elected by the NLTRA/Chamber of Commerce membership to join the volunteer board of directors for the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association (NLTRA). They will help guide the organization’s work focused on destination management and marketing, housing and transportation, and sustainability initiatives.

The new members, representing North Shore lodging, food and beverage businesses, Palisades Tahoe ski area, the Resort at Squaw Creek, the Squaw Village Business Association, and an at-large seat, will each serve a 3-year term.

“The NLTRA is focused on fostering economic health, community vitality, and environmental sustainability that benefits local residents, businesses, and visitors, and we’re thrilled to have new business leaders join our board of directors to contribute to these efforts,” said Tony Karwowski, NLTRA CEO. “Along with the rest of our board, our new members will have a unique opportunity to make a difference by helping to create a sustainable community, improve opportunities for local businesses, and direct tourism initiatives for the benefit of the greater North Lake Tahoe region.”

The NLTRA board of directors guides the work of the organization in its responsibilities under the North Lake Tahoe Tourism Business Improvement District (NLT-TBID) and in contracts with Placer County that focus on destination management and marketing, housing and transportation, and destination stewardship initiatives.

The members who assumed their board positions at today's meeting include:

  • North Shore Lodging/Property Management seat: Jill Schott, Tahoe Moon Properties (first term)
  • Food & Beverage Businesses At-large seat: Tom Turner, Gar Woods Grill and Pier (returning)
  • At-large seat: Dave Wilderotter, Tahoe Dave’s (returning)
  • Palisades Tahoe Ski Area: Mike DeGroff (first term)
  • Squaw Village Business Association: Dan Tester, Granite Peak Management (returning)
  • Resort at Squaw Creek: David Lockard (returning)

In addition, the full board selected its new executive committee today:

  • NLTRA Board Chair: Deirdra Walsh, Northstar California
  • Vice Chair: Sue Rae Irelan, Placer County Appointee
  • Secretary: Dan Tester, Granite Peak Management
  • Treasurer: Ray Villaman, Northstar Business Association
  • Past-chair: Samir Tuma, Tahoe City Lodge

The balance of the NLTRA board includes: Kevin Mitchell, Homewood Mountain Resort; Colin Perry, The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe; Stephanie Hoffman, Tahoe Luxury Properties; Jim Phelan, Tahoe City Marina; Melissa Siig, Tahoe City Downtown Association; Alyssa Reilly, North Tahoe Business Association; Stephanie Holloway, Placer County (non-voting advisory member); and Jeff Cowen, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (non-voting advisory member).

The new Board of Directors meets the requirements set forth in the TBID Management District Plan (MDP), which includes establishing a Board that reflects the diverse North Lake Tahoe business community and representation from all sectors and geographic regions. The new board includes six seats that are designated, five are elected, five are appointed by the Board, and one is appointed by the County of Placer, as specified in the NLTRA bylaws to reflect both geographic and business sector representation.

Board and committee meetings are open to the public, and the NLTRA is committed to fiscal transparency and incorporating public input and participation in all decision-making. In addition to the announcement of new board members, the NLTRA Board of Directors has selected members that will make up two new volunteer committees that will provide valuable input and help guide the work of the NLTRA.


TBID Advisory Committee

The TBID Advisory Committee will be responsible for advising the NLTRA board of directors in implementation of the Management District Pan (MDP) as it relates to the total TBID budget and how it is allocated and spent within its nine areas of focus.

Committee members include:

  • Tom Feiten, Palisades Tahoe
  • Jerusha Hall, Northstar California
  • Jim Phelan, Tahoe City Marina
  • Danny Scott, Restaurant/Northstar/Palisades
  • Laurie Munos, The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe
  • Dave Wilderotter, Tahoe Dave’s Skis and Boards
  • Johnny Roscher, Za’s
  • Katherine Hill, Tahoe Weekly
  • John Melrose, Tahoe House


Zone 1 Advisory Committee

The Zone 1 Advisory Committee will make recommendations on the use and implementation of funds specifically allocated to Eastern Placer County lakeside communities generated primarily by assessed lakeside lodging businesses.

Committee members include:

  • Jill Schott, Tahoe Moon Properties
  • Haley Packard, Packard Realty
  • DJ Ewan, Granlibakken Tahoe
  • Alex Mourelatos, Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort
  • Connor McCarthy, Homewood Mountain Resort
  • Jim Phelan, Tahoe City Marina
  • Melissa Siig, Tahoe Art Haus