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Meet Katie Biggers, NLTRA Blue Crew Volunteer!

katie biggers of NLTRA blue crew


Katie Biggers is more than North Lake Tahoe Resort Association's Chamber Partnership & Event Development Sr. Specialist—she's also an activist, volunteering her time with the NLTRA Blue Crew to help protect Lake Tahoe.

She was recently interviewed by Keep Tahoe Blue: The League to Save Lake Tahoe.

What is your Crew name?

NLTRA (North Lake Tahoe Resort Association) Blue Crew.

In what year/month were you initiated?

June of 2021.

Why do you love Lake Tahoe?

This place is unrivaled in its diverse natural beauty: the towering sugar pines and white firs, the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra, down to the crystal clear, blue waters of Tahoe! As a skier, SUPer and a Lacrosse coach, being able to enjoy all of these wonders and have tri-sport days truly can’t be beat!

Why did you adopt your area?

We have a couple different areas that we have adopted: Tahoe City, Kings Beach State Park and the West Shore. We are doing cleanups at times surrounding events and busy weekends in the region. We want to do our best to mitigate the impact of everyone who comes to enjoy Tahoe.

What is the craziest thing you’ve picked up?

The amount of cigarette butts that we find is just appalling. Next to that, dirty diapers are definitely up there. That just blows my mind!

What do you find the most of?

At the beaches, there are so many little juice box straws/plastic pieces. And then I would say, cigarette butts and cans.

What do you wish other people knew about protecting Lake Tahoe?

Leave it better than you found it!

Inspired? Go to to join the Crew! Winter crews are needed, or sign up early to help out next summer. Together, we will Keep Tahoe Blue and create a litter-free Tahoe!

Learn more about local sustainability efforts at Give Back Tahoe.

Our North Lake Tahoe community is committed to being a positive force for environmental stewardship. Learn more and take the Traveler Responsibility Pledge HERE.

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