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Covid-19 Community Updates

The North Lake Tahoe destination is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak with guidance from public health and government officials, along with tourism-industry partners to ensure the most accurate and timely information is provided.

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Virtual Town Hall Meeting- Placer County | NLTRA


Moderator: Erin Casey, Placer County
● Addressing diverse community needs from full time and part time resident safety to
business community concerns struggling with surviving the crisis.
● Town Hall goal includes sharing work that has been done to support the community.
● We are also seeking feedback on what more we can do to address community needs.

Link to the recorded Zoom call: Here!

Speakers included: Cindy Gustafson, District 5 Placer County Supervisor I Harry Weis, President &
CEO Tahoe Forest Health System I Tahoe City Public Utility District I North Tahoe Public Utility
District I Tahoe Regional Planning Agency I Amy Berry, Take Care Tahoe & Tahoe Fund I Jaime
Wright, Department of Public Works, Placer County I Jeffrey Hentz, CEO NLTRA/Chamber of

Placer County Supervisor, District 5
Cindy Gustafson

● The coronavirus has caused fear on many levels. We have to choose how to approach living
with this virus. That approach will differ for each person.
● We are now following California guidelines and defer to the state for guidance.
● The county did meet state standards to move forward through Stage 2 a few weeks ago.
● Stage 3 businesses were allowed to reopen on June 12 including businesses listed in the
attached link:
● Businesses that are reopening are asked to complete a detailed risk assessment, training
programs for employees, physical distancing guidelines and more. To learn more:
● The most frequent question asked is What is the exposure if we open up to tourism?○ Our focus has been education and outreach.

○ When the pandemic first hit , we worked with the NLTRA and business associations
to encourage no travel to the area.
○ Our current messaging is “reopen responsibly.”
○ We have worked with the Tahoe Fund and local partners to develop messaging that
is displayed online and all over the county.
○ We have worked with regional and governmental partners to reach additional
people, including distributing messages on billboards.
○ We have worked with regional partners to cancel larger events, including the Fourth
of July fireworks.
○ Face coverings - when you are out in public, we ask that you please wear these,
specifically when you cannot socially distance.
○ We are monitoring all important trends and COVID-19 cases.

● Cindy Gustafson email:

Tahoe Forest Health System
Harry Weis

● National Updates

○ June 15th - cases down to 20,722 from a peak of 39,072 on April 24th
○ There is a decline in daily new cases across the U.S.

● Locally:

○ Eastern Nevada and Eastern Placer County - we are seeing a decline in cases.
○ Our health system has grown and out of the 1,524 COVID-19 tests, only 64 came
back positive.
○ The last positive test in Nevada County was April 29th. The last positive test in
Washoe County was May 29th.
○ We do have a surge plan that can handle up to 22 additional patients, to double our
license capacity.
○ We are prepared to handle additional COVID-19 cases.

Sean Barclay
Tahoe City Public Utility District

● We have taken many steps to ensure public safety.
● Thank you to our partners for assistance in creating signage that we can all use throughout
North Lake Tahoe.
● Many facilities are now open, but high touch areas are still closed including picnic tables
and play areas.
● All public restrooms are cleaned daily and staff are using personal protective equipment
● Our next reopening strategy is focused on recreation activities including day camps and
sailing camps.
● Our critical water and sewage programs have continued to operate.

○ Reminder, do not flush wipes.

Bradley Johnson
North Tahoe Public Utility District

● I would like the public to know that there has been a tremendous amount of coordination
for consistent messaging across the region.
● Many public use and high touch facilities will remain closed until additional guidance is
issued by the state. This includes the Kings Beach Events Center.
● The Tahoe Vista Recreation Area and boat launch are both open.
● All facilities are operating within state guidelines and staff are using PPE. .
● We are cleaning on a daily basis.
● Remember that your tap water remains clean and safe to use.

Jeff Cowen
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

● We are putting together a recreation group to bring recreation professionals together to
identify issues and solutions as they arise.
● We are also supporting the Take Care Campaign.
● For boat inspections, our initial challenge was staffing.

○ June 26th is the current date to have all boat inspections stations open.

Amy Berry
Tahoe Fund & Take Care Tahoe

● It became apparent early on that we needed a public service campaign.
● We have been communicating not only locally, but regionally.
● We pivoted quickly in March to create universal messaging around safety and recreation.

We have worked with all public agencies to employ the following communication strategies:

○ Billboards encouraging physical distancing and face coverings surround all
entrances to the basin.
○ Welcome to Tahoe Campaign reaches guests in the pre-arrival stage and upon
○ Signs are available to any that would like to order at an affordable price.
○ They are also available in English and Spanish.

■ Link to toolkit - Take Care COVID Toolkit
■ Additional link to information: HERE!

Jaime Wright
Placer County, Transportation Department

● Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) update - we work closely with the town of Truckee on
public transportation.
● Transit operations will continue.
● Disinfecting - We clean all high touch areas throughout the day and fog buses with
disinfectant every 48 hours.
● All employees/drivers have proper PPE.
● Within vehicles, we have closed off every other seat and have encouraged rear door
boarding to limit interaction with the drivers.
● We are asking anyone who is not feeling well to stay home.
● On June 25th, we will expand night service to midnight.
● We will continue to monitor service needs and make changes accordingly.

Jeffrey Hentz
North Lake Tahoe Resort Association

● Our response was immediate and proactive and included visitor facing, business facing and
media facing information.
● Business Readiness strategies included stakeholder calls, readiness tool-kits, online
surveys, development of PPE program and social media to educate.
● Additional communication pieces have been distributed daily and/or weekly to provide
updates to businesses
● New COVID-19- website page was created to be a regional tool
○ Links to this information: NLTRA COVID-19 Landing Page
● A gift card and online shopping program was developed to drive business. .
Link to Gift Card Landing Page
● We developed a Stronger Together Campaign - a video series along with digital

○Link: Stronger Together

● A visitor readiness guide has been created called “Know Before You Go” and has been
prepared for all incoming visitors

○ Link: Know Before You Go

Question & Answer:
Q: Is COVID-19 testing free and can anyone get the test?
A: Yes it is free and anyone can be tested. The testing site is located at the Old Gateway Center in
Truckee, Monday – Friday. Click on this link for details: Testing Site
Q: How are we recording totals?
A: Each county is reporting its own totals on the county’s website. For information on Placer
County’s cases, please click on the attached link: County Cases
Q: Is COVID testing (both for antigens/active disease and antibodies/past disease) available for
everyone, regardless of their recent exposure to symptomatic people or their having symptoms
themselves? Edit visibility
A: Placer County is working with Stanford University on a seroprevalence study (anti-body) testing.
That testing is a study and will have a controlled process to ensure statistical validity.
Q: Can we require people to wear face masks?
A: The state issued guidance on June 18, 2020 mandating face coverings. More information can be
found here: State Issued Guidance on Face Coverings
Q: Will the Visitor Readiness Guide be provided to all businesses?
A: The guide will be available to anyone who would like to use it. We will also have hard copies in
the NLTRA visitor centers.
Link to this resource:
Link to other resources:
Q: Is there any guidance for carpooling?
A: We recommend that you adhere to the physical distancing guidelines since there are not specific
guidelines on carpooling. Per California Department of Public Health: "Drive in activities are
permissible as long as all public health precautions [are taken], social distancing is maintained and
only members of the same household are in the same car.
Q: How large of group gatherings are allowed/recommended (i.e. weddings)?
A: Per the California Department of Public Health: "Wedding ceremonies (religious or nonreligious) are permitted following the Place of Worship guidance:
Wedding receptions/parties are not permitted at this time. Graduation ceremonies per California
Department of Public Health: "Non drive-in graduation ceremonies are not permitted." General
gatherings Per California Department of Public Health: "Gatherings are not permitted at this time."
Q: What are the metrics used by the county health officer that may have an impact on further reopening or even a rollback of current reopening?
A: Disease transmission and hospitalization rates. Click on this link for more detail:
Q: Can you share the public health officer’s email?
A: Click on the link for contact info: