NLTRA Committees


All Committee and Subcommittee meetings are open to the public. The NLTRA is committed to incorporating public input and participation in decision-making. Meeting notices, agendas and related information are available on this website.

TOT Committee

The TOT committee focuses on identifying and recommending affordable housing, transportation and infrastructure programs and projects in eastern Placer County that can be supported by TOT funds that previously funded the NLTRA. This committee includes representation from transportation and workforce housing organizations, representatives with expertise in transportation and workforce housing, and those who are advocates for transportation and workforce housing.

TOT Committee members include:

Two Placer County appointed advisory seats have also been filled by County staff members Stephanie Holloway (transportation planning) and Shawna Purvines (workforce housing).

Tourism Development
The Tourism Development Committee helps guide the NLTRA’s efforts related to Marketing, Conference & Leisure Sales, the Marketing Co-Op agreement and Special Events. With the NLTRA’s shift from destination marketing to stewardship in management, TBID funding is used to promote safe, responsible travel practices and encourage mid-week and shoulder season visitation to fill visitation gaps and encourage a sustainable, year-round economy for the local business community. The Tourism Development Committee consists of Board members, regional marketing and sales professionals and a representative from Placer County (non-voting).

Committee members include:

The NLTRA is actively seeking candidates to join its volunteer Tourism Development Committee. Two seats are open – one seat is for a one-year term, one seat is for a two-year term. Interested candidates are invited to submit a letter of interest and their resume to Kirstin Guinn at

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The Finance Committee oversees the NLTRA annual budget, reviews organization finances on a monthly basis and is responsible for overseeing an independent annual audit. The committee consists of Board members, regional finance professionals, and a representative from Placer County.

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2022-Finance Committee-Roster

Business Association Chamber Collaborative
The Business Association and Chamber Collaborative (BACC) Committee is a partnership between regional Business Associations and the NLTRA/Chamber of Commerce. The committee advises on marketing campaigns targeted to in-market visitors and works in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce to align efforts in supporting local business and enhancing a vibrant business community. The committee has representation from the following:

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TBID Advisory Committee

The TBID Advisory Committee is responsible for advising the NLTRA board of directors in implementation of the Management District Pan (MDP) as it relates to the total TBID budget and how it is allocated and spent within areas of focus that include:  sustainability and mitigation of tourism impacts; economic development, transportation and other opportunities; Zone 1 specific services; business advocacy and support; visitor services and visitor centers; and marketing of responsible travel and stewardship initiatives, promotions and special events. The committee is comprised of seven to nine members with a majority being assessed business owners or assessed business owner representatives:

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Zone 1 Committee

The Zone 1 Advisory Committee makes recommendations on the use and implementation of funds specifically allocated to eastern Placer County lakeside communities generated primarily by assessed lakeside lodging businesses. The committee is comprised of five to seven members with a majority being assessed lodging business owners in Zone 1 or their duly appointed representatives:

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NLTRA also represents the business community on the following: