Board of Directors

The NLTRA Board is composed of designated, elected and appointed directors, as specified in the NLTRA Bylaws. The six Designated Directors include representation from:

Five Elected Directors include:

Appointed “At Large” Directors include:

Board of Supervisors Appointed Seat:

Advisory Board:

Annually, the Board elects a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The term of office is three years for elected members; appointed members serve at the pleasure of the appointing entity. All Board members serve without compensation and must be an active member of at least one of the NLTRA’s five standing committees.

Board and committee meetings are open to the public. The NLTRA is committed to fiscal transparency and incorporating public input and participation in all decision-making. The Board and committees conduct business consistent with the Speak Your Peace Nine Tools of Civility Project. Meeting notices, agendas and related information are available on this website. There is also a library of NLTRA documents and publications. All information can be downloaded in pdf format.